BlueDoc Document Management System Advantages

Time and Money Savings

There is a tremendous hidden cost generated by the time consuming manipulation of paper files. In average, an employee may spend about five minutes searching for a requested document and then transporting it to a specific location. If each person uses, say, four documents daily, the time wasted this way by that person would be about two weeks per year. In the case of 10 files accessed daily, an entire month will be wasted each year. By using BlueDoc Document Management System the search for a document lasts only seconds, reducing considerably the time wasting.

You can backup your entire document database such that any cost of document recovering is eliminated.

When use the electronic documents into document management system you reduce the costs associated with the hardcopy documents, such as cost of the paper, printing, archiving and storage space.

Documents Security

BlueDoc protects your documents and folders from being accessed or modified by potential intruders. The document management system usage is permitted only on a user and password based access. Accessing rights for both users and groups can be assigned at objects level.

Document Recovery

No matter the document format, there exists always a probability for the occurrence of unfortunate events which may lead to the destruction or loss of the documents. Using BlueDoc you can periodically backup your entire document database and restore it in the case of accidental document loss.

Easy Access

BlueDoc facilitates the access to the entire collection of documents independent of the physical location of the user. A significant advantage, when compared to the paper based documents, is provided by the fact that several persons can access simultaneously the same document.

When a document is accessed for modification, the system is designed not to allow concurrent changes in order to avoid compromising the information contained in the document. Practically only one user at a time can modify the document while the others can only visualize it.

Process Consistency

Independent of the size of your organization, the system helps you defining sets of rules and document workflows for optimizing the document handling. The document workflow definition can be easily accomplished using the provided graphical workflow editor tool.

Although it is possible that different departments to possess different document validation processes, BlueDoc ensures that once having the processes defined, they are going to be followed exactly by each employee. Thus, the document data will remain consistent, even when used by new or inexperienced employees.

Easy Document Search

BlueDoc provides several ways to search and categorize the documents. You can organize the document folders in a hierarchical structure and each document may be placed within a category and may be given supplementary information for classification purposes. In addition to category-based search, you can take advantage of the document full-text indexing and full-text search capabilities, a time consuming task in the case of the documents in paper format.

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