History, Products and More


December 2002 - Blue Project Software is founded with a small team of software engineers and a true belief: deliver optimal solutions to customer needs.

2003 - 2006 - Custom solutions are developed for various customers and goals are always reached. A very productive period that helped us understand what makes a software product to be great.

2005 - The idea of BlueDoc is born during this time, mostly for our internal use.

Why use tons of papers and search all day for one instead of easily store, classify and secure the access to them? Development of first version of BlueDoc is started.

After one year of development, testing and internal use we decided to make it our main product. We trust that this Document Management System will make the difference for your business.

2006 - 3rd Quarter - While working for BlueDoc extensions one of our engineers needed a system tool to make snapshots of system files and registry for different moments in time. Comparing snapshots is the most important thing, so unsatisfied with the search results our fellow developed SysTracer.

Our secret?

There's no secret other than work, creativity and a strong will to succeed! We simply provide cost-effective and easy to use software products.

Why would someone choose us?

We use our products every day to ensure that the quality is high and no problem remains undetected.

We have the ability to develop complex solutions to a broad spectrum of customer needs. What makes us special is our open relation with each customer which allows us to understand their requirements better than anyone else.

Therefore we offer great products and services gaining customer satisfaction from day one.

November 20, 2015

SysTracer can now record information about opened files, folders, registry keys and TCP / UDP ports in use. Command line support is improved: record remote snapshots from command line, use post filters, list recorded snapshots and remote machines.

February 17, 2014

Starting with this version, SysTracer can use post filters to hide changes of irrelevant items from the already recorded snapshots. Reports can be exported in PDF.

February 21, 2013

Using the new introduced Application Rules now is possible to configure how the properties of documents and folders are initialized or changed when operations like Create, Copy, Move, Archive or Restore are performed.

November 12, 2012

BlueDoc 2.0 version is now available, featuring major improvements: simplified but more efficient access rights management, improved user-defined document categories and properties, redesigned workflow editor, recover option for accidentally deleted documents.

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