BlueDoc - Document Management System

BlueDoc - Main screen

Manage your documents

Blue Project Software - BlueDoc is a Web-based Document Management System. When you use BlueDoc, you have the advantage of a powerful tool necessary for designing, storing, and controlling the documents in the electronic format.

BlueDoc - Edit categories

Define documents categories

You can define your own categories of documents and assign them additional information for classification purposes, thus simplifying their further retrieval.

BlueDoc - Extended search page

Search for documents

Featuring an efficient indexing engine, BlueDoc allows you to easily request queries based on multiple criteria, which may include even full-text search for popular file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and so on.

BlueDoc - Access rights management

Manage access rights

BlueDoc is a web server system designed especially for concurrent usage by many users. It gives you the possibility to create user groups and assign detailed specification of access rights to documents and folders.

BlueDoc - Workflow editor

Create workflows

Using BlueDoc you can define workflows to improve the circulation of the documents. The workflow definition can be easily accomplished using the provided graphical workflow editor tool, which let you detailing the characteristics of the workflow by establishing the component tasks and assigning them to users.

BlueDoc - Document versions

View document versions history

As the document undergoes various modifications, new versions of the same document may be created and stored for review or later possible usage.

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