SysTracer Features

SysTracer Features & Versions Comparison Matrix

Feature SysTracer Pro SysTracer Trial (free)
Take snapshot of files and folders YesYesYes
Take snapshot of registry entries YesYesYes
Take snapshot of startup applications Logon, services
and drivers
Only logon
& services
Only logon
& services
Snapshot of running processes & loaded dlls YesYesYes
Installed programs and components YesYesYes
List of files, folders and registry handles
opened by applications
List of opened TCP and UDP ports YesYesYes
Unlimited number of snapshots YesYes Only 5 snapshots
Scan specified folders and registry paths YesYes Yes
Comparing snapshots YesYes Limited number
of differences
View snapshot content YesYesYes
Export entire snapshot to HTML/PDF file YesYesYes
Export differences to HTML/PDF file YesYes Limited number
of differences
Export entire registry key
in regedit files format (.reg)
Export registry differences between
snapshots to regedit files (.reg)
YesYes Limited results
Jump to registry key YesYesYes
Jump to folder YesYesYes
NTFS Symbolic Links & Junction Points
Registry Symbolic Links detection YesYesYes
Snapshot search YesNoLimited results
Remote scanning support YesNoDemo - only
3 computers
Export snapshot to other computer YesNoNo
Import snapshot from other computer YesNoNo
Command line support YesNoNo
Technical Support Next business
day response
Next business
day response

New features in SysTracer version 2.10:

Added information about opened files, folders and registry keys.
Added information about opened TCP and UDP ports.
Reports can be saved in text and csv formats beside pdf and html.
Command line improvements:
- added command for list recorded snapshots and remote machines
- take remote snapshots from command line
- compare any two snapshots instead of last two recorded snapshots
- post filters can be used from command line
GUI improvements - new options available in contextual menus of lists and trees:
- copy item name to clipboard
- copy item full path to clipboard
- jump to corresponding file/folder or registry key
- export list content to csv, html and txt

New features in SysTracer version 2.8:

Post filter that can be used to hide changes of irrelevant paths/items from the recorded snapshots.
Added PDF support for reports and snapshot export.
Fixed issues that can occur when scan filters are manually edited.

New features in SysTracer version 2.6:

Added information about installed programs and windows components.
Reports general look improved, better table of contents.
Added new options to filter by system files in files differences report.
Snapshot storage size reduced.
Better handling of registry and folder links.

New features in SysTracer version 2.4:

Added detection of NTFS Symbolic links and Junction points.
Added detection of Registry Symbolic links.
Improved scan selection: added exclude option for folders and registry keys.
Fixed GUI for displays with large DPI.

New features in SysTracer version 2.2:

Added version information for exe and dlls files.
Snapshot's internal format was improved in order to minimize the storage size. Now the snapshot size is reduced with 40-50%.
New details windows in each Registry, Files and Application tab.
Added files and folders attributes information.

New features in SysTracer version 2.0:

Added support for remote scanning network computers.
Interface: snapshots grouping by computer, GUI look improved.
Added Save scan filter button into Take snapshot dialog.
Fixed bug at exporting differences as .reg file in Restore/Change modes

New features in SysTracer version 1.9:

SysTracer version for Vista/XP 64-bit is now available.
Save and load scanning filters.
Command line support was improved.

New features in SysTracer version 1.8:

Record information about running processes and loaded dlls.
Command line support.
Option to scan removable disks.

Features added in SysTracer version 1.6:

Possibility to scan only a selection of registry entries and folders.
Select which type of items are to be exported (added, modified and deleted items).
Option to truncate long and irrelevant registry data when exporting.
Export differences for only one folder or registry path.
Full snapshot export into HTML format.

Features added in SysTracer version 1.5:

New contextual menus in Snapshots, Registry and Files screens
Export entire registry key in regedit files format
Export registry differences between snapshots
Editable registry path for quick accessing registry keys
Added Open file option in Files snapshot screen

Features added in SysTracer version 1.4:

Compare snapshots taken on different computers
Search for files and registry into snapshots.
Record information about startup applications, services and drivers.

Features added in SysTracer version 1.2:

Browse independently any recorded snapshot
Possibility to choose scan type: files, registry or both
Export snapshot differences to HTML list

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